Monday, November 20, 2006

Photos from an Antarctic researcher

Craig and Aurora, originally uploaded by Snow_girl.

I am fascinated by Snow_girls photostream. She is located at the Halley Research Station in Antarctica and has amazing pictures of the station, trips around the Antarctic, beautiful sunsets and sundogs, and thousands of penguins. The ones that fascinate me the most though are the ones of everyday life at the station where you get to see what they do and how they have fun in such a lonely place. She has pics of Halloween, a Midwinter celebration that they had (formal dress of course), a dance night that they called "Club Nido", lots of dress up nights, and of course, pics of their work. The sunsets have colors I've never seen in a sky.

Here are a few of my favorite pics (I couldn't embed them sorry):
Penguin Trip - Group Silouette
Laws (one of the shelters)
Man and Sundog. Its ridiculous how awesome this shot is.

A pic of them using their melting tank as a hot tub
One of her notes reads: It did get too hot again though. We ended up having to take it in turns to lob chunks of snow in to cool it all down.

Glasses before wine. Check them out after as well. These shots are some of my favourites. (She's British, respect to the "u". BooYaKaa!)

Penguins set

Club nido. I'm pissed that I missed this party. Our hero is a badass.

Check out the whole photostream though. Every shot will both tell you more about what they are doing and make you wonder about it at the same time.

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