Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Natural Progression

7:20pm Dinner

8:10pm Movie (Fast Food Nation)

10:15pm Inspired to write. I Go to Shenanigans to sit at a table, drink 2 large dark beers, and write.

12:00am Run 2 miles

12:30am Feel nauseous. Consider pucking to get it over with.

Aww hell. Just shower and go to bed.


Ryan said...

I thought I was the only one who ran at midnight. The temp has been nice for that lately, though.

myrna the minx said...

why on earth are you running after drinking two beers? So, how was FFN? Are the reviews wrong?

quikbeam said...

It has been good weather for running! And for the movie minx, i really liked it. It wasnt all I hoped, and you will get A LOT more info from reading the book, but there were a few moments that evoked a more viceral reaction than they would have if it was a documentary. So, yes, I liked it. :)