Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update: Street View Winnemucca

Things I saw while roaming around Winnemucca on Google Street View

Work on my brothers house had not yet started.
Dad was at work
My car was in Winnemucca.
Coutts was at the Martin.
Grandpa Buckie, Aunt Ag, and Elaine were at work.
Kent was at work.
One of the Michael Clay trucks was driving down Winnemucca Blvd.

Overall, it appears it was a very productive day in Winnemucca.

They didn't get the red light district in Winn, but they did in Battle Mountain.

[Edit to add]
I just had an Instant Message conversation with my friend Nadim in Argentina and realized how much more interesting google street view of your home town is than I thought. I could show her where I'm going to be on New Years Eve. And when I told her about other fun times I'd had there she has a picture in her mind. I showed her my high school. And if we talk about other stories from growing up I can actually show her where things happened so we are both imagining the same place. We could walk around the town together and she can see a little slice of my town. "This is where I used to walk through a field to school.", "This is where I got my first ticket", "This is where I accidentally ran into a pedestrian that one time but he was drunk and ok and even the cop didnt want to give me a ticket, but he did", etc...

Weird!! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winnemucca maps

I'm working on a new blog. But in the mean time, here are a couple cool Winnemucca things

More, even older, maps of Winnemucca from 1885.

Evan more awesome, it looks like Google street viewed Winnemucca!

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Alcohol Experiment

"What effect does drinking have on your waistline?

Use the widget below to work out the alcohol calorie intake from your last night out..."


I tested and even on a heavy alcohol night, it still seems better than eating a Jack in the Box.

Friday, December 05, 2008


qwerty&asdf, originally uploaded by Red Butterfly ♥ ~.

Just writing to write. I need to sleep but I need to write to stop my mind from thinking about it. I went on my trip to clear my mind a little. Still not clear. One of those lessons that you take whatever you have with you. Like dont move to escape something, or something like that. It's been hard to sit in front of a keyboard when not at work still. That needs to end so I can get some stuff done though.

Most of my life when I wanted things to be different and I would sit down and write about what I needed to do next or better, it was funny. If I sat down and really worked out my thoughts, it always came down to one word, work. I never put the work in to get what I wanted, never concentrated to get the grades, to be better at talking to people, learning Math, whatever it was. I sat down now and work wasn't the final answer to the problem. It's balance. Nice to know I got over a life long hurdle at least. I found my groove to work, to put my head down and get something done. But I go to far and balance is the next thing I need to find. The new goals I have set for myself are very high. To meed them I will need discipline, and a balance I don't know now.

I'll work on some of that this weekend. For now I'm still sick and I need to sleep. Going on vacation didn't refill the writing well I needed it to. For me personally and at work. The work part cant fail. Maybe the actual doing of my personal stuff will renew that. After all, no matter where I go, i take that burden with me. No vacation from that.