Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I didnt know that all Tower Records were closing!

A great article on the closing of Tower records. I will miss Tower even though I never go there because its too expensive. It was a part of my early Reno experience. I have hundreds of CDs from there and spent more money there in my early college years than my parents really wished I had.
I remember browsing through the shelves for hours during my Jazz period. Finding soo much in the history of that music and knowing that I could never explore it all. I remember walking up to the counter and a sweet shy and confidant girl with the prettiest green eyes, ever. It was her last week and then she was off to Spain. Something told me she was thoughtful, and I never forgot her for some reason.

That's where I got my Don Rickles album, thats where I bought Ashley McIsacc after hearing him on the X. And that is where I realized just how amazing Frank Zappa is when I saw that the Zappa section took up 7 or 8 rows when the Beatles only had 4 or 5.

Late night dashes to Borders to get a new album just won't be the same. Ahh who am I kidding. I'll just download it.

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