Monday, August 20, 2007


Grover Drunk
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Sunday - Zack gets frustrated with text editor and downloads a program that can transfer files between PC and Mac w/o problems.

Monday - Zack enjoys hours of work in new text editor

Monday afternoon - Zack looks for an AutoSave feaature on his new text editor. Doesn't find but leaves work to catch his bus.

Monday Night - Zack opens his laptop and finds that his supposedly easier and foolproof Mac has mysteriously shut down, losing all work from Sunday night and Monday.

Immediately following that - Zack buys a bottle of whiskey

Comptroller General worried that the US will get PWNed by history

David Walker, the US Comptroller General has recently made a statement warning the US of “chilling long-term simulations” and comparing the US to Rome.

Link to Financial Times article.

As if the article wasn't sobering enough. As I write this, there is a commercial on TV where five 40 something men of varying racial backgrounds who are obviously reclaiming their youth and virility are playing and singing a version of Viva Las Vegas that they call Viva Viagra.

It looks like a life of pills, Harleys, and bandannas that is defiantly worth putting on a credit card.

We are so fucked.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

2 quick updates

Floating into the blue
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I saw a GAP billboard a couple days ago with John Mayer. On is upper arm there was a tattoo that said "SRV". I looked it up online and sure enough it stands for Stevie Ray Vaughn. I liked John Mayer before but that gives me even more respect for him.

In the course or researching this I also found out about Music color synesthesia (which John might have). It sounds like a disease I would love to have. I wonder how it would change your perception of the world. I think if I had it, music would be like a drug.

Into the WIld

I hope I see this and never come back.