Friday, November 17, 2006

8 films to die for - Horrorfest in Sparks this weekend

After Dark Films is sponsoring a film festival that will show 8 horror films in November 17-19 in only 35 cities around the country and Reno is on the list! From the official website:

Horrorfest is a weekend of horror films that are considered to graphic or too disturbing for general audiences. After Dark Films will release "8 Films to Die For" (plus one bonus film) for one weekend only in approximately 500 theaters around the United States.

Check out descriptions and trailers for individual films here. You can also see am trailer for the festival itself with a mashup of the films on the Horrorfest YouTube page

All films are playing at Century Sparks. Here are the showtimes:
Friday November 17:
Dark Ride - 4:00 10:00
Reincarnation - 12:00 6:00
Unrest - 2:00 8:00

Saturday November 18:
The Abandoned - 2:00 8:00
The Gravedancers - 12:00 6:00
Penny Dreadful - 4:00 10:00

Sunday November 19:
The Hamiltons - 4:00 8:00
Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror - 10:00
Wicked Little Things - 2:00 6:00

Sorry, Im not cool enough to make the showtimes linked like Fandango. But I also don't wear a paper bag on my head. Buy tickets here

This almost makes up for no Tenacious D movie this weekend. Ok thats a lie. nothing makes up for that.

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