Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nothing's gonna stop us now

How to explain part of what it is really like here in Argentina and especially here at the customer care center with these amazing people?

I think I am in a moment right now that will help. Right now we are all sitting in the customer care center. It isn't the most exciting room. Frosted windows so you cant see out and get distracted. Mini cubes to work at, old computers, homemade Yahoo! decorations on the walls. The room itself is just a room. But everyone has fun working so it makes it really, fun!

Every shift change is a flurry of hugs and cheek kisses.

And smiles!

When they lean in and greet each other they are happy to see the other. It is really wonderful.

During the day there is music on small stereo computer speakers. It is all kinds of music and goes of temporarily if someone breaks a rule (like talking on their cell phone). Right now Nothing is going to stop us now by Starship (that's right, from the 80's classic Mannequin with Kim Cattrall post "Big Trouble in Little China and pre "Sex in the City") is playing and I hear a low hum of singing along from the room. After a minute i hear Michelle (my counterpart from Yahoo! US) singing under her breath as well.

They are infectious.

Sounds like This Beat is, This Beat is, This Beat is Technotronic is next.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Economics, not politics

I was trying to explain to a friend tonight that economics is fascinating, That there is a lot of humanity in economics. This is one of those things that is hard to understand or even fathom before the light goes off in your head. Most people when they think economics think of money and numbers. But there is so much more.

So, i came home and started watching Commanding Heights. While Im watching it Im trying to think of how to explain to my friend what I mean. I think a good place to start is that what you think of as politics is not politics, it is economics. Economics is jobs, manufacturing, the balance of one country/state/regions assets against another, prosperity, poverty. All these things create communities or break them up. Government policy based on economic ideas controls these things.

Politics is the political game of getting what you want accomplished. But seperating the game from the economic consequences and influences of jobs, trade, and production is an important distinction.

Look the 2 words up in a dictionary, I think you will see the distinction.