Sunday, November 05, 2006

Flickr Open Mic Night

So tonight I went to a Flickr meet up. I am in the Bay because my Mom is sick, I looked at the Flickr Blog and noticed that there was an open mic night at the San Francisco Apple Store. I did go wanting to get up there but chickened out at the last minute.

However, right before they started the Apple guy asked if anyone had photos on Flickr. I raided my hand, a little. He then asked if anyone wanted to show their photos and was looking right at me. So that was it. I went over and gave Heather my disk. So I got to meet Heather and Derek who run JPG magazine. One of my camera tosses was on the back cover a couple months ago. I also got to meet George (who is the UI designer at Flickr, and I could write a whole seperate post about how amazing I think that is) and Lynn Hartwell aka fetching. It was a little weird meeing people that you kinda know a few things about from seeing their photos. I kinda had a hard time talking partly because I was nervous about speaking, partly because Im a fan of their work, and partly because of a Y! kinship (even though they have no clue that Im an ex-Yahoo!). It was weird. But very cool.

It was also great being with other people that are really really into what is happening on the web right now. Except these people are some of the ones making it happen. Steve Garfield a video blogger and video blogging consultant was there. The founder of The company that makes the very cool minicards I have. Steve and Derek were talking about the ScobleShow's photowalking with Thomas Hawk. I actually follow the ScobleShow and Thomas Hawk's blog, and it was just kinda nice to think that I'm following some of the stuff that these guys who are in the know are following. That Im not completely out of whats going on being in Nevada.

I hope I happen to be in town next time there is a flickr meetup. Now that Im through my initial nervousness and I see that it is layed back and comfy I will actually bring my personality to the next one ;)

Oh yea and fetching, if you happen upon this, I am a big fan of your photos! I even referenced yours in my very bad photo of Uchronia

Oh yea, also, this post brought to you though the free magic of Google WiFi here im Mountain View!

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