Monday, April 23, 2007

Late Easter Round-up

For the last 9 years in Unionville on Easter a woman named Mohea has put on an Easter Egg Hunt with a raffle, cake walk, prizes and food. All completely free for anyone that wants to come it is supported by Mohea, her family, and local businesses.

A few years ago Pershing county (where Lovelock and Unionville are located) made a rule that put an age limit on the county Easter Egg Hunt. Well that made Mohea mad because she thought that anyone should be able to participate if they want to so she got donations from local businesses and put on an Easter Egg Hunt at Mark Twain Park in Unionville.

Sadly, Mohea took her 4-wheeler up a hill during the egg hunt, rolled her 4-wheeler and didn't survive. The event went on anyway with almost no sign that something happened except for an ambulance that silently passed the park.

For real insight on the day check out Pink Pepper Photo's pics and prose.

She says it better than I could but here also are my pics of Unionville and the hunt. (Check out the anatomically correct open range sign, classic Nevada)

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Hi Zack.........

Nice write up you did also on Mohea.

Love the open range!!