Friday, May 04, 2007

Zack is back, it's a bit weirder now

I started at Flickr this week. They are owned by Yahoo! (who I used to work for). Although technically Yahoo! owns Flickr, they are pretty insulated from headquarters and it is easy to forget that Yahoo! owns them. But, I am back in California, and as you can see, Flickr is a good place to work.


Mary said...

I wonder, did they hire you for your looks or your brains?

Anne said...

Ooh, looks like life is going to be rough. When was the last time you worked somewhere with that kind of dress code?! I can already tell you're going to miss IGT ;)

hobbes said...

I don't know if IGT misses Zack, but 1 person from IGT misses Zack. How's the sholder?