Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Movies and TV:

I rarely rent movies anymore but I rented The Good Shepherd tonight. After I put it in the DVD player it took me to the intro screen. Fancy, moving background showing quick emotional scenes and reactions from the movie on the disc. Menu choices with themed typefaces. Lots of work just to say, Play, Scene Selection, Special Features...

I bet this is a good movie. But as soon as I saw that intro and thought about everything that goes into the 100s of movies each year and the thousands of hours of tv and movies that I have watched,

Do I want to give 2 hours to let people I have never met tell me a story or do I want to go out and see and smell a night that will never come again?

I think I have saturated myself on movies and TV. I used to order Premier magazine, when I was young I knew what was on every one of our cable channels at almost anytime of day. I was one of those people that its hard to rent a movie I havent seen. I have books and documentaries on how movies are made and it is something that I have given a lot of time to in my life.

But anymore I can barely finish a movie unless it is as background to something else I am doing. In fact watching a movie is just about the last thing I want to do in most cases. If its nice out I'd rather be outside. If its cold Id rather be out feeling it. If its Friday or Saturday night I'd rather be out. And if I have some free time I'd rather take in some information or do something productive.

So now I've sat through 49 minutes of The Good Shepherd and basically know what is going on. I did notice that one of the supporting characters was also the bad guy in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (you know, the one that choose poorly).

So I think I'll go for a walk armed with 2o years of pop culture which will be handy to relate to and laugh with all those people out there who have seen those same movies and television shows.

Im not sure exactly what Im trying to say but sometimes I miss enjoying movies, but I love my life.


Brian said...

Don't walk by the movie theater on your way out...it will try to call you back for a fix..."Zaaaaaack. I know you want some of what I got!"

Anne said...

So does Grindhouse not count? ;)

Zack Sheppard said...

Your right Anne. I knew this was a half baked post because me and movies are more complicated than "I dont want to ever enjoy them anymore". This post is mostly about watching them at home on DVD. Going to the theatre is different too. I used to go to movies alone a lot but I rarely do that these days. I still love seeing them with people at the theatre. But I am more picky about which ones. And Grindhouse, holy shit. That one was worth it! :)

Zack Sheppard said...

Also, I have a feeling the cool art houses and the Metrion in San Francisco will be whispering to me like Brian said too ;)