Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fresh Whole Rabbit!

Did you know that Amazon sells food too!? Humans and hobbits everywhere can now order fresh rabbits for stewin up at their convenience. No more chasing after them with an F-150 and KC lights. Excellent if you are anything like Yosemite Sam and just can't stop thinking about Hasenpfeffer!

Make sure you check out the customer images and reviews for this delicious and sometimes dangerous product.

And for other great deals check out Amazon oddities for other wonderful products like a Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank, a toilet monster, and of course, your own swarm of 9000 ladybugs because ladybugs PWN!


Anne said...

The comments on that thing are awesome. Also made me think of this:


Anne said...

Oh, and I just told Joe to go buy some ladybugs, they're for aphid control in the garden. They're cute too, you can probably already get them at Moana. And that link doesn't look too good there, the article is this guy who is catching squirrels and pigeons and rabbits & etc. and writing a cookbook about them (or something like that). I just thought it was funny considering how many cultures eat stuff we think is gross and how rabbits aren't really that bad in the scheme of things. Wish the stupid link would work.