Tuesday, October 10, 2006

TaaAAake me, to the magic of the moment,

On a glooory night
(a GLORY night~a!)

Where the childern of tomorrow dream awaaayy,
in the wind of change...

So two weeks ago my old friend AG stayed with me for a few days before he moved out of town for good. I haven't really been drinking anymore but I only had a few nights with AG so we had a few together. On the second night he was there, a mysterious stranger dropped of a CD of the Scorpions "Crazy World" album featuring Winds of Change.

AG and I sang it a couple times. Then my brother called to tell us he got to shot a 50 cal. sniper rifle that day (and it was awesome) so we sang him Winds of Change.

Then we called AG's brother, D Double Bad Ass Dan, to tell him that my brother got to shoot a 50 cal sniper rifle. We talked about how fast the bullet flies, what company probably made it, decided that it was bad ass, and we all sang Winds of Change.

Then AG and I watched Transformers the Movie while drinking a couple beers and flipping our knives open.


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MorsaJones said...

haha.. awesome.

if i could write out the whistle solo, i would totally leave it here.