Friday, October 20, 2006

Referential or experiential

There is a great entry on Jason Kottke's blog about the different types of bloggers. I have more experience with referential blogs (ex. Boing Boing). I love collections of new and odd things and am a spectacular researcher so it makes sense that my blog would be more referential. As much fun as this to me I would like to add more to the blogosphere and I endeavour to become an experiential blogger.

Many of my initial stabs at this will be boring, and trite. There may be potential in the experience but a failing in the text. This will sometimes be because of a lack of time but more often a lack of practice. Referential posts are a good place to start conveying meaning in a small amount of text. There is a difference between posting a link and making a post that makes someone want to click on that link and invest part of their day in exploring it.

Im excited to find my voice. I wonder, will i become a grammar Nazi? I have always been opposed to grammar Nazism. Especially on the web. Do we really need the ' in Im? We all know what we mean! But there is a point at which it's harder to read. I do enjoy being a contrarian but its like my friend Davis tells his son about giving high 5s, gotta have a reason.


Ryan Jerz said...

Not to be a grammar nazi myself, but I didn't understand what you were saying with the Im thing. It took me a few minutes to figure it out. Maybe it was the font, as it was just a straight line and looked like a lower case L to me.

Glad I stumbled upon ths site (Thanks Myrna!). I'll be a frequent reader. I like that you are also reading and discussing Kottke. I feel like there's nobody to talk about him with. e could go down as one of the more important writers of this era if blogging takes off like I think it will.

quikbeam said...

I understand the confusion. I am seeing more why I need to stick more to the grammer rules myself.

And Im also glad to know another Kottke fan! From your profile it looks like we will prob have a lot to talk about. I am a big time web nerd. ;)