Monday, October 02, 2006

Ever wanted to go to Berkley?

I have gone into college bookstores and bought the books for a class that I wasn't in just because I thought it sounded interesting. I highly recommend books in Dr. Harvey's classes at UNR. A student of Marxist social theory, brilliant dude, and the best, most engaging instructor I ever had.

Well Berkley is bringing this to the web, its doing it for free, and it's doing it in style with RSS. Berkley is posting mp3s of lectures from some of its classes. Some of them look awesome "Drugs and Behavior", "Introduction to Non-Violence", and my fav "Physics for future presidents".

Gotta run, Im off to my Foundations of American Cyberculture class.

Note to self: From Dr. Harvey's profile it looks like he has been doing work bringing Chaos theory to sociology! I will have to contact him for some literature!

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