Monday, September 11, 2006

Thanks Oscar

G'Night Oscar.  Thanks.

I went to Oakland this weekend to see one of the great jazz pianists, Oscar Peterson. Check out his Wikipedia entry for a little history and a list of some of his co-horts.

Oscar is 81, he needed help getting to the piano but when he did he didnt need any help at all. He played from about 8-11 at Yoshis. He played one song twice accidentaly. Apparently there was some guy complaining about it in the bathroom because when I walked in there was some other guy at a urinal saying "So you got to hear Requium twice. Shut the fuck up you're lucky to be here."

It was a lot of driving and a hefty ticket but we dont have many of the old great jazz artists left and I decided this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was worth it.

This vid really does not do it justice but here is a little corner, of a little snippet, of that night, take it Oscar...


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shavizzle said...

rad. I have to say if there is anyone in the world that I would trust to make an interesting, informative, enjoyable blog it would be you. so thank you for telling me about it.