Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Khan Noonian Singh

So I have been watching the original Star Trek while I have been editing photos from my trip.

In the episode I watched last night they introduced Khan Noonian Singh also known as Khan.

This was extra fun since I know where this will lead. Also, finding out his full name made me wonder if there was a connection to Data's creator Noonian Soong. I very exciting prospect since TNG is my absolute favorite.

After a little Wiki research here is what I found out:

In the Eugenics wars Khan Noonian Singh was one of the (and the most successful) supermen who took over the world. For more info on him go here). People revolted and Khan and 72 other supermen escaped in a hibernation ship where they slept for 200 years.

During his sleep is when all the Arik Soong stuff happened on Star Trek: Enterprise.

Next, Khan was thawed out and left on a dangerous planet by Capt. Kirk.

Because Arik saw Khan as a pinnacle of human development the Noonian name was passed down (supposedly).

Now I have to put my fear of bugs in ears away and watch Star Trek II again.


MorsaJones said...

so. where does the star trek background information come from? is this all information that was given throughout the show or is it supplementary written by writers/fans/whomever of the show? i wonder.

quikbeam said...

Most of it was given in the show. The familiar connection in not mentioned in the show directly but was in the publicity materials.

It also appears that Noonien was a name from a Korean man that Roddenbery knew during WWII.

Yes, these trekies know waaay too much sometimes.