Friday, September 22, 2006

Gogol Bordello

So, the incresingly musically incomperable Morsa has turned me on to another great band, Gogol Bordello.
Check them out on the Hype.

I also found a great 5 minute NPR interview with them. From the interview:
Gypsy musicians is always invited to top the party and kinda make it the ultimate haywire. Go nuts, bonkers, buckwild... I always wanted to take it farther to more people. To make it feel like they been stricken by lightning.
(really, you have to hear it with his accent)

And for the ultimate in modern fun, here is a YouTube video of my favorite song of theirs "Start Wearing Purple"...
If they showed stuff like this on MTV, I might actually watch!

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MorsaJones said...

i hadn't heard that interview on npr. great stuff. i love that guy. although the interviewer didn't seem to understand exactly the points he was trying to get across. hehe.