Sunday, October 28, 2007

We are going to lose our ass and we deserve it

The Seven Gummie Sins: Greed
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I was going to make a note about the american dollar and some of the recent bad signs. But I just got caught in the tractor beam that is the E! channel, and I have something to add to that.

So I just basically watched an hour of television about spoiled rich people. The Kiamora show and the show about the Kardasian girls. (yes i'm misspelling that but a. I don't want to search for how to spell it and b. I like Star Trek references) The shit that these people care about. Kiamora takes 20 pieces of luggage on her trip to Cannes, says that she will probably change 4 times a day. She tells us that she loves yacht. They are one of her "Passions."

Honey, if you can have yachts because your husband is a huge record producer and you happen to have the ability to realistically enjoy spending time on them and getting a different one, that is not a passion. That is just thinking "Holy shit I'm on a yacht! And its mine!" That is what anyone that could afford to have a yacht would think. Its a fucking yacht.

Through the rest of the show she is generaly bossy and has a i know that the hell Im doing attitude while running the new fashion business she is starting.

Next the Kardasians are even worse. They are not ultra rich like Kiamora Simmons but just as snotty and disconnected from the reality that 95% of the world lives in, and the Kardasians are loving it! They get a call from the Girls Gone Wild guy (from jail) asking them to do a swimsuit photoshoot. They take his plane to his house in Puerta Viarta where they are served hand and foot. Meanwhile back at home the little girls that are back home (about 11?) do their GGW impression on the stripper pole that is of course installed in their family home while the brothers manager holds a camera (all in jest) talking about how he will manage them (in jest again). Oh my how hilarious that these girls are playing girls gone wild. Just girls playing harmless games. I'll play along with my stupid guy jokes since I dont see anything wrong with GGW. Im am so funny. I is harmless right!? Right?

On a related note, the dollar is going to drop, soon, and we deserve it.

In the last couple months there have been some signs about the dollar, the Chinese hinted that if they really wanted to they could dump some of their dollar reserves and hints that Saudi Arabia might get out of the dollar currency for their accts and might go to euros (Venezuela and Iran have already done this). Last week the dollar hit an all time low against the Euro and more and more people are saying get out of the dollar.

Dollar, please drop and take these useless fucking people off of the screen.

Postscript: When viewing the IMF chief story, there was an add for a 60 Minutes special "Mansions Gone Wild." Kill me now.


Brian said...

Seriously, buy the bedside gun rack from the post below, get a shotgun, and shoot me in the face when I break into your house tonight wearing a giant neon target on my head.

Or buy me a yacht. I love yacht.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with people? Loose = my pants are loose. Lose = We are going to lose the game.

You might want to fix todays title.

Zack Sheppard said...

Thanks Anonymous. I really need to start proofreading. It appears that I am part of the problem :P

MorsaJones said...

i won't mention the other misspellings/typos. and i will say we deserve it all right. and i will also say that i mispronounced "yacht" (yeah-chit) during a family game of life once and have yet to live it down.

Marisa said...

I can say I live in a country that many people call "the ass of the world" and was not aware of anyone called Kiamora or Kardasian (so I guess this must actually be the ass of the world!).
I wouldn´t think that 95 % of the world lives out of reality (maybe that´s correct regarding people that appears on tv).
But I´m pretty sure there´s life beyond weak dollars and strong euros: we could create a local version of LOST telling how to survive in this argentinian jungle!. Unfortunately all these useless fucking people always find the way to remain on the spotlight.
Nevertheless it´s somehow stimulating to find people from the "top world" having such a critical view of the picture.

By the way, it´s hard for me to get used to the idea but I think I could manage to love a yacht!
(Sorry for the long post)

Zack Sheppard said...

Thanks for the comments! Your interpretations have given me some interesting things to think about :)

Lil Kim said...

Just stumbled accross your blog since i can't spell Kardasians either, but I agree 100% with you. That family is a disgrace to America and the fac tthey have a show is nauseating!!!