Thursday, October 04, 2007

That is not what I saw tonight.

[No image available]

Tonight I looked up at the night sky from a place with almost no ambient ground light. I cannot show you what it looked like.
My camera will not capture the milky way, much less the stars.
No camera will show you how deep and dark the sky is.
No moving camera will show you the twinkle of the stars, especially on a chilly night like tonight where everything seems a little more crisp.
Neither the black image my camera captured or anything I can write will let you see what I have seen tonight, miles from any planetary light.
I can only hope that you have looked up at the sky, miles from any light placed there to make you safe or show you your way so you have a memory of what I saw tonight.

Tomorrow I will drive out of the desert to go to my job the day after. I am excited. But I will miss the desert and the night. You can always be yourself here because there is no stimuli and nothing there except what you bring and what you have left behind.

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Marisa (la Tía) said...

I´m sure that even thousands of miles away, the sky we are lookig at is the same.
No matter the distance; the stars, the darkness, the lonelyness are usually the same (even though there is no desert round here in Rosario).
I don´t think your camera would show the picture better than your words. And don´t worry: you can´t miss what you already bring inside.
Hope you enjoy your back to work. We miss you!!!