Sunday, November 04, 2007

Family Business

One whole entire side of my family is in construction. I have done some, but it doesn't really speak to me. I love the Net.

But there was one day a couple months ago where I was home in Winnemucca for the weekend and my dad and brother were working on a Saturday. It was my day off and I drove 6 hours the day before and then partied all night to enjoy Winnemucca, not to work! But something about working with dad and Clay sounded so fun! And I had been behind a desk for a year so physical labor sounded pretty fun too. So I hopped out of bed, unloaded building materials, and operated a forklift with my dad and brother.

Well my friend Brian has days like that all the time. He works with his dad and brother. Because of that day with my dad and brother, and because of what I have seen of them working together, I realize why there are so many business names that end in "... & Sons"

Brian's dad was just interviewed for Nevada Business Journal so I just thought I'd take the opportunity to say, Awesome. :)

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Brian said...

Z- You rule. And as hard as it is at times to be one of the "& Sons", I wouldn't trade it for anything. Except money, of course. Or the ability to fly. But not for anything else. Except maybe total power over my enemies, that would also be sweet. I love my dad and brother, though, don't get me wrong, but I'd sell them down the river for better hair and a great singing voice.