Sunday, December 17, 2006

Reno Santa Pub Crawl '06

Last night I took part in the Reno Santa Pub Crawl. If you have never done this I highly suggest it! If you went downtown last night you would have seen Santas everywhere. All of the bars on the route were packed with wall to wall Santas. Louis Basque Corner and Abbys Highway 40 in particular were packed. The streets from fourth to downtown had groups of Santas wandering all over.

There were afro Santas, pimp Santas, sexy Ms. Clauses, Toga Santa, one guy looked like a cross between a Moses, Elvis, pimp Santa, reporter Santa and lots of other varieties.

One of the really interesting stops was the Mens Club. We went in there and there were 20 Santas sitting around watching a stripper on a pole. One Santa (I suspect the real one) shook his butt at the stripper so she got down, took his belt and spanked him with it.

Santas like The Mens Club too

See all my photos from the Reno Santa Pub Crawl

Corporate Santa (photographer)
Corporate Santa

I hope to see you all out next year.


quikbeam said...
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quikbeam said...

Even more Santarchy fun, at the South Pole!

quikbeam said...

Link to the RGJ Video