Monday, December 04, 2006

Gogol Bordello and Primus

So i had all kinds of fun this weekend but the concert was the tip-top.

We snuck down into some seats about 20 ft from the stage for the opening act (aka the main act for Morsa and I), Gogol Bordello. Not that we sat in the seats. We just danced in front of them. They were all energy. I don't know enough about punk to join in on the punk is dead debate but I can tell you it lives in the heart of Eugene Hutz the lead singer.

During the show Eugene climbed down into the audience, started climbing over seats, climbed back, and then flung himself backwards about 6-7 ft. back onto the stage from the front seat. Later he kicked his mic over and a rodie had to come out and replace it while he was running around stage. The front part of the crowd was jumping and dancing and one couple was waltzing all the way up and down the isle.

My pictures arent even worth showing so instead check out other peoples pics on Flickr. Ok seriously, even if you dont give a fuck about this band look at the pics they are hilarious.

Primus was a totally different show but equally awesome. I always kicked myself for not seeing them when I was in the bay. The crowd stood for the whole show, the music was fucking amazing. The guitarist at one point played a banjo with a distortion petal. Les played some weird instrument apparently called a"Whamola"

In an article where Les talks about his gear in it he says

“Everyone wants to know about ‘Whamola,’ which is named for the instrument I play on a tune. It was given to me a few years ago in Vermont at 3 am by two guys who had waited at my hotel after a show. It’s a weird washtub bass-type instrument with a single D string on a stick, a pickup, a peg on the bottom like an upright bass, and a big handle that you pull to change pitch. I play it by beating on it with a drumstick. For the track, I sent the Whamola through the SansAmp distortion and the Korg envelope. The Whamola sounds good on tape, but when you hear it live it’s incredible—it’s like your face is melting!”

Google Whamola, its fun and, yes inquiring minds, of course there is a Wiki entry.

When they walked off stage the crowd actually did the lighter thing

And they came back and played...


MorsaJones said...

banjo. distorted banjo. and it was fucking awesome. hehe. :)

quikbeam said...

whoops you're right thanks Morsa. I must have had my mind on Matts Mandolele idea.

Brett said...

Nice. I got to see Primus a couple of times in the 90's but it's been a while.