Friday, December 15, 2006

I want first chair in the slot machine section of the Reno Philharmonic

Seriously, I love Reno. Earlier this month 4 slot machines from IGT were featured as intruments in a holiday concert at the Philharmonic. Click the pic to watch the vid.

From the RGJ page:
As part of its holiday concert earlier this month, the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra performed "Holiday Fantasy Concerto for Four Prepared Slot Machines, Orchestra and Chorus on Leroy Anderson." The piece was arranged and composed by music director Barry Jekowsky and was played with actual slot machines prepared by IGT for the concert.



bingo said...

Just tryed the link and the video doesnt seem to work. shame because I love playing slot machines. would love to see how they were used as an instrument.

Anonymous said...

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