Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Response to Mr. Jerz on getting people involved in blogging

Mr. Jerz made this post awile ago. I really wanted to comment on this but because of some madness in my life I havent made the time. I am hopping back into the blogoshere and one of the first things I want to do is comment on this because I'm glad that he is doing this. Specifically I want to respond to his question of

How can we – the bloggers and readers in Northern Nevada – get more people to enter this conversation and become a part of our world?

What I imagine is a segment that is a standard news segment, with stories taken from posts that you see as important and that havent been covered in other parts of their news cast. Have you ever listened to the Slashdot Review Podcast? Basically it is just a guy reading Slashdot posts. It feels very professional and like a normal radio tech show.

This would start getting people to see how much information there is out there that is useful and easily consumed. To help get them to feel like they could be involved (turning some of those lurkers into participators) you can also call out in your stories insightful comments. This would let people see that they dont have to have their own site to easily participate.

Slashdot review is actually how I got involved in blogs. I am interested in tech stuff and didnt have a desk job then so Slashdot Review let me keep abreast of what was going on. There were a couple stories I felt I had a worthy comment to make so I created a Slashdot account and commented. Then I just because more interested in what other sources of info there were like that and now I have my own blog.

So, thats my 2 cents.

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Ryan said...


Thanks. I haven't had much feedback on this question, but that is something that can certainly be done. The next taping is on Friday and I already have an idea as to what I'll be talking about (credibility in blogging). If this TV thing continues to roll on, it could easily become a regular place to talk about what's been big around here in blogging. Thanks again.