Friday, January 23, 2009

Benjamin Button

(Please excuse me. I just watched a movie about mortality narrated in the first person and I think I absorbed the voice)

Watching Benjamin Button, one of the things that struck me was how he enjoyed life while he was young. Being free of the seemingly important day to day minutia and contemplating the breeze or a sunrise. I think a lot of people miss that when they are young. Benjamin's body slowed him enough to see it when he was young. When I was young my shyness stopped me away from doing a lot of things so I watched a lot. Today I am a usually a high energy person that doesn't like to slow down. I laugh loud, drive fast, work a lot, and have fun a lot. When it's raining or snowing I want to run out in the rain every time. But I like to stand with the rain on my face. I like walking fast to get where I'm going. But I like to sit on the sidewalk, change my eyes, exhale long and slow my breathing. Watch the purposeful people go by. Look at the buildings until they are not so familiar. It's a lot like the desert. Then get up start walking, and in a few steps I remember my purpose.

Maybe one day when I'm old I won't enjoy moving fast. But I hope not. As much as I love the peace of the desert, I love the excitement of life too.

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