Tuesday, June 24, 2008

George Carlin

I really loved George Carlin. I think that he was as much philosopher as he was comedian. His comedy was exhausting for me to watch sometimes because it was almost preachy and was too much to take at once. I felt like he was saying OPEN YOUR EYES! (laugh) OPEN YOUR EYES! (laugh) But he knew what people would listen to and come see. And he was so funny he effect was, "I'm laughing at this but is he talking about me? Should I take a moment and think about how that affects me and those I love? Shit he is throwing more thought-comedy at me! HAHAHA (contemplate) HAHAHA (contemplate)."

At my first job in my Dad's office when I was 12, I worked with a lady from New York City named Jan. George Carlin always reminded me of Jan. They were both cantankerous, had a sharp tongue, and had no patience for bullshit. It is their particular flavor of distaste for bullshit that really connected the two for me. From the stories both told I can see NYC making them who they were.

Anyway, next time you see a clip or show of George on stage, look close at his face and listen to his voice. He is up there yelling because he is actually concerned! He is making jokes because he knows that is the only way you will listen to what he has to say! He is hoping you will take a moment after you are done laughing to think and be concerned too! I didn't know you George, but I'll end this by promising to think about what you say, and thanks for making me laugh.

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Marisali said...

I knew who George Carlin was the day before he died. My boyfriend brought a film (the one in which he plays a cardinal) and then he showed me some youtube videos.
And I loved listening to him (specially the monologues about religion).
That´s what I like about great comedians: no matter where you live or how old you are, they will surely make you laugh and think.