Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Flickr Calendar 2007

I really enjoy my job. I think there is something special about Flickr. I cant really explain it to people. When I tell them it is a place to share photos you dont really get it until you go on flickr and search for something that matters to you. Your favorite pet breed, sport, or hometown. Or even just "flower." you wont believe the kind of pictures you will find that are being taken by people just like you. And you will find more variety and more that speaks to you personally than any museum you go to.

It's hard to explain but with that description and this video maybe you can get a little better idea. Each photo was uploaded to flickr on a different day of the year. Over 3,000 pictures are uploaded every minute and here are a few of those lives.


Brian said...

That was truly amazingr. Thanks for the post. It's hard not to pay close attention in case one of your captures magically makes the mix, but with only 365 out of a gazillion, that's not likely. I loved catching the Vegas Cowboy, The Twin Tower Spots on what was probably 9-11, and of course "I Love Nerds" was a tough one to miss for obvious reasons.

And dude, thanks for the print. I can't believe you FedEx'd it, though...with URGENCY!

You rock.

Lisa said...

Flickr is a big part of my online community. I am still resisting joining facebook, myspace, etc. Not that they can compare to flickr but you know what I mean. I am always excited to upload new photos and anxiously await interactions about them. And, as you know, it's how I keep up to date on what many of my friends and family are up to. Thank you! and thanks to flickr. ;)