Thursday, February 28, 2008


O'Zack, originally uploaded by Zack Sheppard.

Crown & Coke is so smooth!

I am watching The Last Waltz which reminds me of my parents and Sara. I have been watching it for about 3 hours (which means I started over yes). The music is fucking awesome. My parents tried to get me to watch it YEEAARS AGO (ok so I am a little more than buzzed) but i shunned it. Sara then sat me down and we watched it at her house with her parents and I was blown away. She showed me this amazing thing i wouldnt accept from my parents. Making my life better in a couple ways.

I also got to talk to Laser Butter tonight who is wonderful and makes me laugh. She showed me the beauty of photobooth and is just fun to talk to (did i mention that she makes me laugh).

I also got to talk to Sara, Vic, and Ferd today. All wonderful friends. I got a nice card from my Dad reminding me to remember photography which he knows I love. That reminded me of my pal the Daddy Ninja. I loved his post about his sons treasure map. There is such awesome stuff in the world and I am lucky to be surrounded by so much of it.

I met a dude that said "I am going to this photography symposium in a couple weeks in this place you probably never heard of called Winnemucca"

My jaw hit the floor.

He said he loves the Mucc. (obviously a wise man).

And I was productive all day at work. I am working now. Writing new HotKeys to help my friends in Rosario. I kinda don't want to stop, I am being creative, helping people, and being productive. Great day. Grandpa Buckie is right, work is the best thing. I love being busy.