Sunday, August 12, 2007

2 quick updates

Floating into the blue
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I saw a GAP billboard a couple days ago with John Mayer. On is upper arm there was a tattoo that said "SRV". I looked it up online and sure enough it stands for Stevie Ray Vaughn. I liked John Mayer before but that gives me even more respect for him.

In the course or researching this I also found out about Music color synesthesia (which John might have). It sounds like a disease I would love to have. I wonder how it would change your perception of the world. I think if I had it, music would be like a drug.


MorsaJones said...

stevie ray vaughn. booooo. haha

MorsaJones said...

oh. and there was an npr show about music color synethasieaasdfawea or however you spell that.