Monday, July 09, 2007

Another example of the Net making things a little more awesome.

I love "Bicycle Race" by Queen. It's one of those for me that I don't really think about much but when I hear it I remember, "Hey, I LOVE this song!" Well I heard it today, so I came home and downloaded it and in doing that I also stumbled on the video on YouTube and a Wiki page just for Bicycle Race!

From the Wiki,

To release this song, Queen staged a bicycle race with 65 naked girls. A clip from this race was used as the single cover. The video was originally banned, and the video had to be re-edited with colour added to censor out any offensive imagery.

I love that in searching I actually found out about the video's edited contents before I found it.

Nandoman did also say I should check out I Want to Break Free. He was right.


shavizzle said...

I freaking LOVE the video for I want to break free. It's actually one of my fondest memories, growing up. hehe.

Brian said...

When you say John, I say Wayne.

Freddie invented stage diving.

That blonde in the kitchen was actually trying to look pretty.

Amazing, all of it. Best 10 minutes of my day, right there. Thanks, Z.

Zack Sheppard said...

Im glad these made you all as happy as they did me.

And SV, that explains A LOT! :P