Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A great example of why I love the Internet

While going through John Hodgman's blog today I came across a post titled


If you click on that you will see it has a link to a picture that you should click on. The picture is so weird and hilarious AND one of the other random people in the image is Zach Galifianakis (on YouTube) who is a hilarious comic and somehow a perfect fit in this weird photo.

The pic itself is on some other blog so I go to the home page of the blog and there is an entry where the guy is wondering why people are reading his blog and he then figures out:

A little digging turned up the answer. John Hodgeman ended up checking out my blog after all, and even linked to that crazy picture we had taken of all us.

So now we have a hint of more to the story.

Next I looked at the comments on Hodgman's blog and find a link to a post by someone named AlexisT who wrote her story of that night (looking back at Snarka's blog again it appears that this is his friend). Her story is pretty damn funny and satisfies my curiosity on what the F is going on in that crazy photo.

Also: If you want more John Hodgeman goodness checkout his interview on Booksoup. It is hilarious, iTunes says I have listened to it 11 times. I think that is a lie and it is more like 22. I also have a little crush on Leila the interviewer on the basis of her voice and humor alone. I curse Google Images for not having any pictures of her so I can actually find out what she looks like.

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