Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Missed Connections

I had 3 missed connections last weekend. I'll start at the begining,

1 Have you ever sat next to someone in a movie theatre, that you dont know, where you and them are laughing, jumping, "Nooo!!"-ing, screaming etc. at about the same time? Well the cute hispanic girl sitting next to me in Children of Men and I were doing this. It was like how you actually want a movie date to go where the act of watching the movie together makes you wonder if you might have something in common with that person. Except that in this case your date leaves with some other dude because that's who she's actually on a date with.

2 The next day I was at a punk rock show at Davidsons Distillary. I was talking to a guy I work with about different TV shows, movies and music. It was interesting to me because of the near misses our converstion kept having. We seemed to be two like minded individuals but because we get our media and news from different sources the conversation kept faltering.

I have been increasingly getting my music and audio entertainment from places on the Internet like the Hype Machine, the Contrast Podcast, posts on blogs I read, and from word of mouth. My video entertainment these days is from my and Google Reader "towatch" tag list, video podcasts, random crazy shit found on youtube, and jewels on Google Video. So conversations about bands that are on the radio or some of the TV shows on now are difficut because I have heard of them, watched a few episodes, or heard a song or 2 and have a general feeling but nothing concrete so the conversation had lots of false starts like:

ME:"Oh yea, they seem like a good band."

OTHER DUDE:"Oh do you listen to them!?"

ME:"No not really I've just heard a little and they seem interesting."

5 years ago I was Mr TV watcher (and when I was a teenager even more so) so the contrast of being out of step with the mainstream media when talking to someone who gets a lot of their entertainment that way, was very noticable. However, the conversation did get me interested in watching Heros. I watched most of the episodes from the first season the next night (on the Internet of course) and I am now addicted.

3 The last near miss of the weekend was the shortest but sticks in my mind the most because the girl had such amazing eyes and smile. And, well,

Oh what the hell, I am calling this post "Missed Connections". Let's do it right...

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G said...

Okay. I don't stalk people, but I was clicking through links on your page as a distraction tonight and I came upon Sara Sims blog. So I start clicking on her links. And Lo and Behold her and I have something in common, "Teaching Fellow Jenn". Actually, it's Jenn's husband, Eric, who was a student of mine last semester. Loved him. Great guy. So I had a "wow, small world moment" but really I don't think I know Sara, the person's whose blog I jumped to from yours. Anyway, it was a cool discovery and I thought I'd share. Phttttt.